Remodeling Your Kitchen? 7 Ways to Maximize Your Mini-Space!

7 Ways to Maximize Your Mini-Space! Guest post written by Appliances Connection Small spaces can be cozy and quaint, but often they’re cluttered and crowded. We’re going to give you some easy tips to turn your tight space into a magazine-ready masterpiece. The keyword for small home or apartment kitchens is multifunctional. Having a design […]

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Five Asian Recipes With Bean Sprouts

bean sprouts

Healthy Bean Sprouts When people grow beans, they might throw away any other parts of the plant but bean sprouts (the part that shoots from different types of bean) has been a popular food in its own right for many years. Usually taken from the Mung bean, bean sprouts are a sweet and crunchy by-product […]

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Radish Recipes

Radish recipes

Radish is an interesting root in season these days in the northern hemisphere. A lot of people only enjoy a radish with ranch dressing. This video introduces to radish to things like salsa and sandwiches by Robin Asbell. She uses some beautiful watermelon radishes and some black Spanish radishes and then our standard red radish and […]

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DIY Food Gifts For Easter

Food Gifts

Add a personal touch with DIY food gifts this Easter If you feel like you give the same presents every year, it can be a little difficult to think up new gift ideas which really show how much you care. DIY food gifts are a great way of adding a personal touch to the holidays […]

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