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The heart healthy oatmeal

Made from ground oats, oatmeal is often referred to as “porridge oats” and can be used in many foods including breakfast cereals. In its most natural form oatmeal is gluten free, however, if the grain is grown in the same field where previous gluten-containing grains once were harvested, there is the risk that some oatmeal cereal grains could contain gluten.

The grains that oatmeal can come in are:

  • Crushed oats
  • Ground oats
  • Rolled oats
  • Steel cut oats

National Oatmeal Month is in January, and it is a time where we can truly celebrate this wonderfully versatile and nutritious grain. Oatmeal is mainly celebrated because it is wonderfully healthy and one of its main health benefits is that it can lower cholesterol. A good source of fibre and B vitamins, oatmeal is also known to reduce hypertension, stabilise blood sugar levels and promote a healthy heart.

Although oatmeal’s origins are a little uncertain, it is said to have come from the Near East (i.e. near Turkey) and is not only popular in those areas but has also gained great popularity around the world too, featuring in an abundance of recipes.

Find variations to the traditional Oatmeal in some of these recipes:

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 22nd 2012
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