Paleo Diet Chicken Recipe

Chicken recipe

Jeff Blumer from Bellyfire Catering cooks up a delicious chicken dish that’s perfect for the Paleo diet. Find more chicken recipes to compliment a Paleo diet on Recipebridge.

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Chicken Piccata Or Not Recipe

Chicken Piccata

Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, serves up a chicken dish sure to please any kid. She makes a chicken piccata dish which can be varied according to taste, and sure to please picky eaters. Find more recipes for chicken piccata on Recipebridge.  

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Chicken Sliders From Iguana Macks

Chicken sliders

Grilled chicken sliders Jason Lera, the executive chef from Iguana Macks in Chandler has great grilling recipes for summer barbecues. Here’s one of his recipes for chicken sliders. Include this delicious summer barbecue recipe this Memorial Day weekend or any weeknight. Find more recipes for chicken sliders on Recipebridge.  

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Healthy Salads

Salads-Tabouli salad

Salads for a healthy start Salads can come in many forms, and can be leafy or just a combination of lots of fresh vegetables. No matter how you like your salad, one thing is for sure – it is one of the healthiest meals you can eat. Whether you are eating it as a sandwich […]

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