Gingerbread Crepes


The video features a recipe for scrumptious gingerbread crepes with eggnog whipped cream. While crepes originated in France, they are surprisingly easy to whip up from a mixture of flour, eggs and milk. The gingerbread crepe recipe includes a wggnog whipped cream filling topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Find more recipes for crepes on […]

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Incredible Eggs


Celebrating eggs this month Eggs are a wonderfully diverse food and are not only used as an ingredient in many meals but are also a great addition for many meals in their own right. With many uses and health benefits, eggs are both delicious and nutritious. And this month is the National Egg Month, celebrating […]

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Eggnog Recipes for Xmas Day


Eggnog – the quintessential Christmas beverage Originally, eggnog was a European festive drink that was brought over to America by the original settlers who had been putting milk and punch together for years. Back when it was first being consumed, the drink was held in a wooden cup called a ‘noggin’. The egg drink was […]

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