Recipe For Leftovers Lasagna


Layer your leftovers for an easy dinner. Thanksgiving isn’t the only occasion you’re going to be too full to finish the leftovers. Amy Ott with Klosterman Bread talks about how you can repurpose some of leftover dishes. She shares the recipe for layering your leftovers into a lasagna style dish. Find more recipes for leftovers lasagna […]

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Recipe For Mini Beef Wellingtons

beef wellingtons

Mary Martini shares a perfect special occasion recipe: mini beef wellingtons. This rather sassy dish is so moist and rich, perfect for a holiday or any special occasion. Find more recipes for beef wellingtons on Recipebridge.

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Asian Tuna Wrap Recipe

tuna wrap

The video features an easy to assemble Asian tuna wrap roll. Share this recipe with your guests, or make a weeknight meal out of these refreshing ingredients. Find more tuna recipes on Recipebridge.

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Mussels Recipe


Chris Koetke, host of the Live Well Network show, Let’s Dish, shows us that you can have a restaurant quality appetizer, right in your home, with his recipe for beer-steamed mussels. Find more mussels recipes on Recipebridge.

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Cherry Chocolate Pie Recipe

Chocolate Pie

We present here a cherry chocolate pie recipe that is sure to please any crowd. This is a family recipe using chocolate chips, and cherries to make this scrumptious pie. Find more pie recipes on Recipebridge.

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