The Aroma of Celery


March is the National Celery Month

Best known for its low-calories, celery can make a great diet snack, an interesting addition to casseroles and other dishes, and is even know to appear in various drinks recipes. Celery is the green-white stalk of a long plant which is very crunchy in texture, even after cooking.

The whole of the celery plant is edible, and the roots of the celery also known as “celeriac” are often used in cooking too. Popular with those who are trying to lose weight, it is often said that celery burns more calories whilst chewing than it actually has, making it the ideal dieting snack.

Also high in nutrients, celery is also great for your health. It contains Vitamin K which is great for developing stronger bones, and helping regulate blood circulation and clotting. It is also rich in Vitamin C, a better known vitamin which is important for building up your immune system, help your respiratory system, and speeding up the healing process. Celery is also packed full of antioxidants, great for lowering high cholesterol and relieving joint pain.

Celery is an early spring vegetable which is high in water content and therefore makes a great addition to many salads and is also great with light dips for appetisers too. In fact, the Waldorf salad famously uses celery as one of its main ingredients. Alongside walnuts, red grapes, seasoning, mayonnaise, slices of apple and crunchy lettuce, the celery adds a very refreshing texture to this salad.

The Waldorf salad was in fact introduced to the world in March, 1893 – and the salad was such an instant hit that this is why National Celery Month is celebrated in March. Find Waldorf salad recipe on Recipebridge.

The crunchy texture of celery is enjoyed by all

There are many recipes which include celery as a main ingredient, and thanks to this fantastic vegetable’s versatility, the celery can be used in all kinds of dishes. Celery might not be too appealing for your kids, so if you want to get them eating healthier foods, why not make it a bit more fun and make a celery man? Arrange your celery on a plate to make the ‘body’ and then give your celery man two carrot sticks for arms, and then get creative with a tomato, a slice of cheese, sultanas, and cucumber to make decorative facial features that your kids will love to pull apart one by one!

For more of a “grown up” dish, try a Potato and Celery soup which is really easy to prepare and tastes best when simmered over a low heat for a couple of hours for all flavours to properly combine. Stuffed celery makes a great mid afternoon snack, and Celery Apple Gazpacho is a great summer lunchtime meal.

No matter where you are or what you are doing this March, try something new with celery. Whether it is adding it to a casserole or just eating it raw, it can be enjoyed by everyone. Find more celery recipes on Recipebridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 3rd 2012
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