National Frozen Food Day

Frozen food

 Today is National Frozen Food Day Although freezing foods is an ancient technique used by the Chinese and dwellers of the Arctic, Clarence Birdseye was actually the first person to observe the effects of quickly freezing fresh foods to lock in their nutrients and taste and by preserving it in frozen temperatures. Since 1984, March […]

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The Aroma of Celery


March is the National Celery Month Best known for its low-calories, celery can make a great diet snack, an interesting addition to casseroles and other dishes, and is even know to appear in various drinks recipes. Celery is the green-white stalk of a long plant which is very crunchy in texture, even after cooking. The […]

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Yum Cha at Home

Yum Cha – the traditional Chinese Sunday meal Yum Cha actually refers to the traditional Chinese Sunday meal where small dishes of food (dim sum) and Chinese tea would be consumed. Yum Cha is so popular with Chinese people that more recently, they have started to have this traditional meal more often throughout the week […]

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High Protein and Low Carb

High protein and low carb salad

High protein and low carb diet for weight loss You will have heard the phrase ‘high protein and low carb’ if you have ever been on a diet such as Atkins. This is because a diet where you consume few carbohydrates means that you can lose weight quickly yet safely and helps you keep the […]

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