High Protein and Low Carb

High protein and low carb salad

High protein and low carb diet for weight loss

You will have heard the phrase ‘high protein and low carb’ if you have ever been on a diet such as Atkins. This is because a diet where you consume few carbohydrates means that you can lose weight quickly yet safely and helps you keep the weight off afterwards too. The protein you consume when you are on this type of diet usually makes up about 50% of your total calorie intake and there are fewer carbohydrates for your body to burn, which means it burns the fat in your body instead.

A high protein and low carb diet plan is popular with many people when it comes to weight loss. A low carb diet alone can not only mean weight loss, but it can also mean that your blood sugar levels are regulated, lowered blood pressure, ability to maintain muscle mass, and can even give you an increase in energy.

When sticking to a high protein and low carb diet, people say that their cravings for sweet treats are reduced and they can think a lot more clearly. As well as the low carbs, the high protein aspect of your diet has also been proven to benefit your body too. Protein takes longer to digest which means that you feel fuller for longer and therefore less likely to snack – this is great for increasing your metabolism.

Protein contains amino acids which are vital in helping us promote muscle growth and repair body cells. The protein in our diets is actually used for creating your body’s chemical reactions as well, and helps us get healthier lean muscles, skin and blood.

Creating a high protein and low carb menu for your daily meals

It’s easy enough to decide that you are going to try the high protein and low carb diet plan, but there are a lot of different meals to consider, so if you want to take part in an Atkins style diet or you are diabetic and need to get better control of your sugar levels, then you need to organise a high protein and low carb menu for yourself which will allow you to diet effectively.

For breakfast, you could try a few things such as bran cereal with milk, and some nuts and fruit to go with it. Recipebridge has many high protein and low carb recipes to choose from including the High Protein Breakfast Sandwich, or you can try the high protein muffins or pancakes!

For lunch, there are high protein and low carb alternatives to bread or you could try High Protein Lunch Nut Cupcakes or a healthy salad with green leaves, beef, avocado, and a dash of sugar free dressing – a three bean salad is also high protein and low carbs. You can even have a snack of high protein frozen yoghurt. Find these recipes on Recipebridge.

For dinner, try a high protein Vegetable Bake or omelette and you will be reaching a good amount of protein filled foods per day. With a healthy balance of the right foods, and with some concentration on high protein and low carb foods, exercise, and plenty of sleep too you will be well on your way to becoming very slim and healthy.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer January 3rd 2012
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