Aussie Christmas Lunch

Aussie Christmas Lunch

Just what do Aussies have for Christmas Lunch ?

As we all tuck into our turkeys and trudge about in the snow over Christmas, most of us will forget that down under in Australia they are celebrating Christmas in the summer! Christmas Lunch in Australia is very different to other countries in the northern hemisphere, and different traditions are followed when it comes to food eaten on Christmas day. With temperatures usually between 35 and 41 degrees C, cooler alternatives are generally chosen for the traditional Aussie festive dinner.

Seafood Platter

Seafood makes a great Christmas Lunch alternative to the roasts eaten in the northern hemisphere. It’s lighter than a cooked turkey with all the trimmings and yet offers a great range of flavours and textures for an indulgent festive feast. Oysters, prawns, salmon and many other seafood dishes can be served at Christmas time. on the side are thousand island sauce and tartare sauce as well as wedges of lemons.

Shrimp on the Barbie

A stereotypically Aussie dish, the shrimp on the Barbie is traditionally served over the festive period too although prawns, bugs, yabbies and lobsters are more likely to make an appearance on the barbeque than the traditional shrimp.

Chilled Foods

As the temperatures are so hot outside on Christmas day, the Christmas Lunch is served as starters and desserts or side dishes for the entrees are traditionally cold or chilled. Plenty of sliced turkey, ham, pork, salads, potato salads, and ranges of bouchees are great for lighter and cooler dishes to chill the palate before a hearty seafood platter.


Indulgent desserts are as popular in Australia as they are in the north, and what can be more indulgent and cooling as a big dollop of ice cream to finish off your special meal? Alternatively, some people prefer to offer mince tarts, plum pudding and custard, or just raspberries or strawberries dusted with icing sugar.

An Aussie Christmas Lunch Menu

Fancy trying an Aussie menu yourself? How about this for a different twist on the classic Christmas Day traditions?

Appetisers – Make sure your guests are offered plenty of drinks upon arrival – a quick cup of coffee or a cocktail is a nice start to any meal. Once your guests are relaxed, offer appetizers such as Prawn and Squid with Grilled Fennel or Smoked Oyster Tartlets.

First Course – Crab Ravioli (in small portions of course) is a great f0ollow up to the appetiser and will contrast yet beautifully complement the main course.

Main Course – Duck is a rich yet beautifully succulent dish for Christmas day and served with a rich sauce such as peppered strawberries will be rich and give your guests a real culinary treat.

Dessert – Vanilla ice cream served with fruits such as peach, raspberries and topped with cinnamon will truly take your breath away – refreshing yet decadent.

Wine – Pick a versatile wine that will complement each dish nicely. Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay don’t cost much but will go beautifully with all courses.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer December 24th 2012
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