8 Delectable Ways To Add Berries To Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast with berries

Healthy berries

Berries are abundant during the summer months, and as a refreshing and delicious juicy snack, these little beauties can be eaten at any time of day and at any meal. During the summer, the berry varieties that are available and are most popular are; strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc plus many other varieties too. If you’re not already a berry fan, then perhaps we can change your mind.

Not only can berries make the delicious addition to a boring breakfast cereal, they are also great for making a fruit salad more interesting. As well as tasting great by themselves and with other dishes, berries also have a range of health benefits too.

Blueberries – These little berries are only small but are well known for their amazing health benefits and high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants have not only been proven to improve the nervous system, but can also help memory with its ideal ‘brain food’ nutrients. With cognitive benefits, cardiovascular support and the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, it is not wonder the blueberry is considered as a “super food”!

Strawberries – Packed full of anti inflammatory agents and antioxidants, these deliciously strange textured berries are known to help the prevention of cancer, give you great cardiovascular support, and help regulate blood sugar levels therefore preventing type 2 diabetes. Rich in Vitamin C too, strawberries can also help with immune defence, reducing cholesterol and healing wounds.

Raspberries – Due to their vibrant red colour, raspberries are full of flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants found in a variety of fruit and plants. The flavonoids found in raspberries are closely linked with building the immune system, reducing the risk of cancer, infections or heart disease. Raspberries have 50% more antioxidants than strawberries, making these the ultimate detoxification fruit.

Grapes – Technically classified as berries, grapes are used in many cuisines and are ideal for complimenting recipe flavours as well. With an extremely high nutrient content, it is no wonder that grapes are considered one of the healthiest foods out there today. Grapes have been shown to help improve the immune system, respiration, help prevent inflammation and a variety of cancers plus help regulate blood sugars.

Cranberries – Famed for their detoxification purposes, cranberries have been thought of for a long time as the ideal fruit to eat (or drink) to cleanse your system of infection. And this has been proven – due to their high acidity, cranberries can help protect against Urinary Tract Infection. With so many antioxidants as well, these lovely berries have been proven to have anti inflammatory benefits, and help with cardiovascular and immune support.

Breakfast recipes with berries

Try some of these breakfast recipes with addition of berries, making it a perfect way to introduce berries in daily diets.

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  8. Breakfast Bar Recipes

If you want to improve your diet and believe that you are not reaping the benefits of the variety of berries out there, you just need to slip them into your daily routine a bit more. Instead of having a bland cereal every morning, why not make it more exciting with a sprinkling of a few different berries? It’ll taste great and you will know that you are doing your body some good as well! Find more recipes with berries on Recipebridge.


Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer July 11th 2012
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