A Bloody Mary Bar for Easter Sunday

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s for your Easter Brunch

The Bloody Mary cocktail was said to have been created in 1921 by the American bartender Ferdinand Petiot, and since then it has soared in popularity and is known as the perfect brunch or afternoon drink. The main components are vodka, tomato juice and usually a dash of Tabasco sauce. However, over the years, curiosity has got the better of us and many variations on the popular cocktail have surfaced and with Fresh Tomato Day on April 6th, what better way to celebrate than with this famous tomato based drink?

The different types of Bloody Marys out there today can contain different combinations of various ingredients. For example, some Bloody Marys are made with gin, beer or tequila instead of vodka, and other flavourings and garnishes are added to each concoction to give them a unique flavour e.g. celery, Worcestershire sauce, olives, cayenne pepper or even pickles!


By using gin in your Bloody Mary, you can add a different depth of flavour to the cocktail. If you enjoy the taste of tomatoes, then gin is a great option for you as it really accentuates the fruity flavour and brings out the tingly spices too!


For a more traditional approach, opt for vodka in your Bloody Mary. It perfectly complements the strained tomato juice and spices and has a considerable kick – perfect for a morning pick me up!


Mix you Mary with beer instead of vodka for a tasty Michelada. The ice contrasts fantastically with the heat of the hot sauce and coarse salt and the lightness of the beer means that it is easier to drink than the strong vodka tastes.


Still a spicy flavour, the Bloody Maria is made with tequila adding an even more creative alternative to the cocktail recipe. Pickles complement the tequila flavours beautifully and taste great once they have been soaking in the tequila-tomato mixture!


Ideal for sharing with others, Bloody Mary punch can be made with sweeter cherry tomatoes or pre-strained tomato juice. Pour the mixture into a pitcher and make sure you have plenty of ice to hand to contrast with the spicy Tabasco flavours.

How do you like your Bloody Mary?

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer April 5th 2012
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