DIY Food Gifts For Easter

Food Gifts

Add a personal touch with DIY food gifts this Easter If you feel like you give the same presents every year, it can be a little difficult to think up new gift ideas which really show how much you care. DIY food gifts are a great way of adding a personal touch to the holidays […]

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Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Easter candy

Easter egg hunt or Easter bunny? With Christians making up about one third of the world’s population, it is no wonder that Easter is widely celebrated around the globe. However, Easter is also celebrated by plenty non-Christians and it is this time of year which is a great time to start celebrating spring too! Different […]

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4 Easter Brunch Menus You Can Put Together In Minutes

Easter meal

Easter Brunch or Lunch A mid-morning meal makes sense on Easter Sunday, mainly because it is a time to spend with friends and family, so if you are expecting guests this Easter weekend, why not prepare a meal with lots of variety for your visitors? The most important thing to remember about the Easter brunch […]

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Hot Cross Buns to Sweeten Your Day

Hot Cross Buns

Celebrating hot cross buns on the National Hot Cross Bun Day Hot cross buns are English sweet, doughy rolls (sometimes containing currants) with a “cross” shape etched into the top of the dough using a knife or piped on with icing or pastry. Once, these lovely buns were only eaten on Good Friday, but now […]

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A Bloody Mary Bar for Easter Sunday

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s for your Easter Brunch The Bloody Mary cocktail was said to have been created in 1921 by the American bartender Ferdinand Petiot, and since then it has soared in popularity and is known as the perfect brunch or afternoon drink. The main components are vodka, tomato juice and usually a dash of Tabasco […]

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