Divine Easter Desserts

Easter Desserts

Make these Easter Desserts your show stopper

Easter has become such a huge food-based holiday that it can often be difficult to think up new and exciting ways to eat and present your Easter meals so that it doesn’t feel like just another Sunday of the year. Easter lunch is usually a big meal with a meaty main course such as lamb with al the trimmings. However, if you have a sweet tooth and want something to tickle your sweet taste buds after the Easter brunch or lunch, then try something creative with these great Easter desserts.

Citrus Easter Desserts

Easter is so full of chocolate eggs, that creating a dessert with citrus flavours is a great way of tantalising your taste buds without overloading on chocolate. Tangy citrus flavours are ideal for opening up your taste buds and appreciating the sweetness of the dessert.

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Bundt and Sheet Cakes

Bundy cakes are shaped like rings and can make great centre pieces for your dessert spread. The shape of the cake itself is actually ideal for Easter, mainly because it is the cimilar shape to a bird’s nest and filling the centre with lots of mini chocolate eggs is a visual and tasty treat for all. Sheet cakes are easy to decorate with intricate Easter decorations, and if you don’t mind, you can even let your kids get creative with the icing!

Recipebridge has a delectable selection of bundt cake recipes.

Sorbets and Gelatos

Sorbets are a fantastically refreshing dessert, and usually come in gorgeous fruity flavours. They make a great light dessert for those who want something sweet after their main course without feeling too full, and if your Easter Sunday is a warm one, then this cooling dessert should also chill you out too.

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Pies and Soufflés

Desserts come in all different forms, and pies with different fillings can be a great way to finish your meal. For a different texture and flavour, soufflés make the perfect light dessert and rich chocolate variations on the soufflé are great for continuing the Easter theme.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer April 2nd 2012
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