Easter Treats and Cookies

Easter treats and cookies

Easter treats for your Easter baskets and spring celebrations

Around the Easter holidays, you will notice plenty of Easter treats including cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and bunny shaped candies hitting the shelves. With so many sweet treats out there with lots of Easter frosting to match the occasion, it is hard to resist, but if you want to make any of your own Easter creations, then look no further – with just a few simple ingredients and easy baking methods you too can have your very own sweet treats right in your own kitchen. And you even get the satisfaction of saying “I baked that myself!”

Easter Cookies

Rabbit shaped gingerbreads of buttery biscuits are great traditional cookies to serve around the Easter period. Baking them yourself and leaving them plain, ready for your kids to decorate with writing icing is a great way of adding to the colour and flavour of the cookies…and a great way to keep the kids quiet for an hour!

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Easter Cupcakes

A great base for decoration, cupcakes are the ideal confectionery treat to bake at Easter because they are just so versatile. A simple cupcake recipe is so simple, and a great thing to do with children or as a Sunday afternoon activity on your own. Simple cupcakes taste great and can be decorated with Easter themed icing to make it as seasonal and as colourful as you like.

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Easter Cake Pops

With small blobs of cake dipped in candy coating or melted chocolate at the end of a stick, Easter cake pops are a great way to show off your creative side this Easter. Like a bit size cake and a bit like a lollipop, cake pops are beginning to show themselves at many food-dominated holidays, but Eater is the prefect time to experiement with your decoration – get lots of decorative extras and you can start making bunnies, eggs, chicks and anything else Easter-themed that you can think of!

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Easter Candies

Candy corns are a huge phenomenon at Easter, and although they are mainly associated with Chirstmas or Halloween, Easter candy corns are a great table decoration and sweet treat to offer guests at Easter – especially if they are the perfect Easter colours. Mix your palettes of colours at Easter and stick to plenty of pastel shades such as pinks, blues, greens and yellows and you’ll want to keep making more and more!

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What are your favorite Easter treats?

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer April 4th 2012
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