Spooky Cocktail Party to Haunt you this Halloween


Spooky Cocktails for your Halloween party

Who said Halloween just had to be for kids? To me, Halloween is a great time of year for adults to have fun too – and if that means consuming some spooky cocktails at a Halloween party then even better!

It is at this time of year that there are a plethora of Halloween parties taking place so it is just about the right time for all you guys and ghouls to start creating some spooky drink mixes for those haunted get-togethers. Cocktails and dark drinks can really add some spookiness to the occasion.

If you want to add a bit of fun to your cocktails and enjoy handing spooky cocktails to your guests, there are many you can try that look and taste scarily good. By using crème de cassis, vodka, triple sec, pomegranate juice, and lemon juice, you can create a beautifully bloody-looking cocktail – drape laces of black liquorice over the rim of the glass and it will seem as if a spider is trying to crawl its way out!

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Of course non-drinkers of alcohol and children won’t want to miss out on the cocktail drinking fun either, so creating mocktails is a great way of involving everyone in the fun. Cemetery slime punch can be made with root beer, chocolate and vanilla ice cream and topped off with some gummy worms – one of the best slimy and spooky mocktails around. Find recipes for this and more on Recipebridge.

Have any guests at your party that have become a little vampire-obsessed since the release of the Twilight saga? Well you can satisfy their needs with a Blood Drip Vampire Style Martini where they can sip a blood-rimmed glass whilst drinking their favourite martini with blood drippings made of sugar, caro syrup, water and red food colouring.

Spooky cocktails are often served best with different themes, and food colouring can in fact be a great way of giving different drinks the image that you are looking for – green food colouring for example makes certain spooky cocktails look ultra-slimy!

Serving Bloody Apple Cranberry Cocktails in eerie looking goblets are a great way of emphasising the theme of your party. Fill the goblets with lashings of apple cider, cranberry juice, apple vodka and cranberry schnapps and you will soon warm to the concept of drinking ‘blood’. Find this and more Halloween cocktail recipes here.

Do you have any favourite spooky cocktails you want to share with us? Or any scary secret recipes that would bring life to the graveyard? Tell us all about them on Twitter or post them on our Facebook page and let the world know about your fantastic creations of spooky cocktails!

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer October 29th 2011
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