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Sharing your insights through guest blogs

Writing guest blogs is the new way of self promotion which helps food enthusiasts, and more specifically, food bloggers improve their subscribers. Recipebridge is currently looking for bloggers (mainly food blog owners) to write some guest blogs for us.

Guest blogs are basically articles/blogs which are posted on a different blog which is not your own. Thought provoking, interesting, and above all fun guest blogs have many benefits such as:

  • Raising awareness of your own blog
  • Connecting with new readers
  • Getting a larger fan base
  • Speaking to people with similar interests
  • Giving advice to those who need it
  • Introducing yourself to new online communities
  • Getting a higher search engine ranking by using backlinks

We’d like to open up the Recipebridge blog to a guest blog every week and if it’s all relevant content, we would love to hear from you. Whether you write us a blog about your local farmers market or give our readers some tips about how to host the ultimate dinner party, your guest posts are very welcome.

If you are interested, have a food blog of your own and want to write guest blogs for us, then make sure you submit some of your best work to us – first impressions count, and the more readable your gust post is, the more likely to connect with our subscribers!

What do I need to do to write guest blogs?

Research – Familiarise yourself with our blog, if you feel like there are topics which haven’t been covered and you want to make an impact on the blog with your guest post, then research is vital.

Write – Write your guest blogs with expertise and knowledge and eloquence. Try to avoid using non-specific fluff just to reach the word count, but also make sure that your content is readable. Write with passion and this will shine through to the reader.

Check, check, check! – Proofreading is vital, and a person that double checks and triple checks their work is sure to have a grammatically correct and spell-checked document to submit. No matter where you submit your blog, hosting blogs will always need you to check for spelling and grammar errors before you send it off – after all, it’s not the hosting blog’s job to be your editor!

Submit – Send a polite cover email to Recipebridge and attach your proofread blog. Don’t be offended if it is rejected, it’s nothing personal, but sometimes certain blogs may not be relevant to our site. If you are writing along the right lines, we might ask you to tweak bits instead.

Interact – Once your guest blogs are accepted, don’t let them fall flat. People like to comment on blogs and by communicating with them by answering their questions or simply thanking them for reading the blog, you will be able to boost your reputation and credibility as a guest blogger.

If you are interested in writing guest blogs for Recipebridge then please contact us on Recipebridge.



Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer May 21st 2012
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