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RecipeBridge Searches Over 1.7 million Recipes & Counting!

Cooking a turkey this holiday season? Maybe you want to make those famous pumpkin bars that were so popular last year but can’t find the recipe. Or perhaps you are vacationing overseas and want to learn how to make the ethnic foods you tasted on your fabulous trip for when you return home. If you’re like me, you jump onto your favorite general search engine and begin searching the Internet. With so many recipe websites out there, it can be exhausting to find that “perfect” recipe that suits your needs.

This is where RecipeBridge comes in handy. For your next recipe search, go to recipebridge.com and it will search over 300 cooking websites (including popular sites like Allrecipes, Recipezaar, Epicurious) resulting in over 1.7 million recipes! Andy Theimer, co-founder of RecipeBridge and an avid cooker, along with his colleague developed RecipeBridge specifically to simplify the recipe search, funneling relevant information into one place.

When Andy replied to our recent customer newsletter with “We’ve been using Mosso/Rackspace Cloud for several years now, the Cloud Servers are the best gift for self-funded startups since Ramen Noodles !,” I had to contact him to ask more about his experience, what makes RecipeBridge so special and why they launched on The Rackspace Cloud.

So what does make RecipeBridge so different from the general search engine? Andy says it’s because recipes is all they do:

When I signed up for a RecipeBridge account, the coolest feature I found was the ability to easily share recipes via Twitter, Facebook or onto your blog. Andy knew that those with a passion for cooking, more than likely wanted to share their recipes with others. So they built this functionality into their platform from the beginning.

Recently launched in May 2009, RecipeBridge hopes to grow to 3K users by the end of the year. The busy season is from October through December where they anticipate the highest amount of traffic of the year. Andy has been a Rackspace Cloud customer for several years now (when we were called Mosso) and launched RecipeBridge on Cloud Servers. Andy initially chose The Rackspace Cloud for the low cost and great customer service and when we launched Cloud Servers, from a developer’s perspective, it has been an ideal platform to launch RecipeBridge:

The experience has been fantastic! Cost was our most important factor, but we love the reliability, customer service, and flexibility of the service equally. From a developer standpoint Rackspace Cloud Servers give us the ability to customize our application to a level you only get from expensive dedicated hosting products. Not to mention one-click scaling as we grow. Another one of my favorite features is the ability to duplicate server instances for testing and new feature development, it keeps like simple and costs low. Not to mention I can call up Rackspace Cloud support and talk to a human when I need help. Rackspace Cloud Servers has helped RecipeBridge save money and focus on growing the business, we look forward to taking advantage of the Cloud as we continue to grow.

We are excited to have RecipeBridge hosted on The Rackspace Cloud. I highly recommend you check out RecipeBridge this holiday season. I had to ask Andy what is the most searched recipe and he said, “banana bread, don’t ask why.”

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer November 24th 2009
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